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My Furry Friend, Andy

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How adorable is my dog?

She was not my first dog but she has become the dog I’ve recently been. We have our tiny bonding time as I get home and take her for walks around the neighborhood.

The first-time I got sick at Karen’s (my wife) condo, Andy (my dog) was always there. She stayed during with me from the moment I stayed in bed up to the hospital and as I returned, would always cuddle me to lessen what I’m going through.

She definitely knows when I don’t feel well.

When I was confined in the hospital for about a week, Karen said Andy was so restless. She was able to notice that I haven’t visited for a day. When I checked out and went to Karen’s house, she came running towards me, like flying in the air, licking my hands, then wants to sit on my lap and cuddle.

Who here is not afraid of thunderstorms? Good for you, `cause I really do. Andy sleeps on a mat beside our bed when thunder suddenly rumbles outside. She springs right our bed and comes to me to for help since she was horribly terrified. She was looking for something or someone to help her calm down, and that was definitely me.

Having Andy is great and I truly think a dog’s presence really helps when you’re sick. Studies have proven that staying with a dog for about half an hour would lower down your stress levels. When stress triggers, playing and cuddling with your dog would lower down blood pressure levels and calm your heart rate.

If I’m having a tough day at work and I’d like to go for a drink in the bar, I’ll just think of Andy and I feel like going home already. Of course there’s Karen whom I can talk to, but Andy is different. There’s just something about dogs that human beings don’t have. Andy and I has that something. It’s like a deep mutual connection. Its just feels so good having someone to stand by your side, and has nothing to do but to impress you.

When everything is horrible and when you feel like there’s no one there to help you feel good, there’s still that furry friend, waiting for you to come home. It can definitely make you feel better.

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