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Found Dog Heartwarming Reunion Stories

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The feeling of being reunited with your dog is incomparable. It’s a special feeling that gives time relieved and peace of mind. These emotions become more intense if the reunion happens after a long time of separation, or if a great deal of distance has been crossed. These are the type of amazing reunion stories that make the headlines. And because they’re so heartwarming and unexpected, they inspired us all—even to the extent of people who have no linkages to the dog or his family.

Here are some of the heartwarming and the remarkable reunion stories I’ve ever discovered.

Happy camper, happy reunion

"What do you do if you find a friendly golden retriever wandering by, seemingly lost, as you’re leaving to go on a weekend camping trip? One couple decided to take the dog with them. A lot of unplanned things can happen on a camping trip, but you never expect a fellow camper to show you a missing-dog listing on Craigslist with a description that matches your new four-legged camper. What are the odds?This golden retriever managed to wander out of his yard when a contractor left the yard gate open. When his owners discovered he was missing, they began searching (they drove more than 100 miles), sending out e-mails, posting missing-dog flyers, and losing lots of sleep. And because their dog was microchipped, they alerted the HomeAgain organization, which sprang into action. This pet ID and recovery service reached out to vets, animal shelters, and pet rescuers in a 25-mile radius. They also put their alert on Craigslist, where—luckily-—it was seen by the camper who—luckily—happened to see the dog with the other campers who—luckily—found the dog and decided to take him camping.It pays to have luck on your side. And the help of a dedicated and thorough pet-recovery service."

3+ families in a year-and-a-half

"Dogs that have gone missing can be part of many families during the course of their wayward adventure. The case of this Jack Russell terrier is a perfect example. After digging out of his backyard—and losing his ID tag in the process—he wandered around until a woman found him and brought him to her home.The Jack Russell lived with his new owner for over a year when, for some reason, she decided she didn’t want him anymore. She then took the dog to a vet to be put down. Seeing that the pooch was healthy and only a few years old, the vet refused. Fortunately, the vet’s assistant took a liking to the dog, and the Jack Russell now became part of her family.Things were going along just fine—until the big thunderstorm. It seems the Jack Russell was terrified of thunder. He got so scared, he jumped through a screen window to escape. Once on the outside, he wandered around until he found shelter in front of a house. The family that lived there saw him and brought him to their veterinarian’s office to have him examined. The vet noticed that the Jack Russell was microchipped, which led to a phone call to the humane society where he was registered. The humane society then called the Jack Russell’s original (and very heartbroken) family. They had spent several months desperately searching for their beloved dog, and they thought they would never see him again.Yhe phone call from the humane society led to a very emotional reunion, one that was a year-and-a-half in the making."

5 years and another Jack later…

"This amazing story—which involves another adventurous Jack Russell terrier—starts and ends in England, with a middle that takes place in Ireland.Jack the Jack Russell terrier lived with his owner near Newcastle Upon Tyne—until they went on vacation in Ireland. It was there that the small dog went missing. And stayed that way for five years.Little is known about Jack’s five-year hiatus on the Emerald Isle, but we do know that his owner, who reluctantly had to return to England, was devastated by the incident. The feeling of loss didn’t fade and, about year later, he adopted one of Jack’s siblings, also naming him Jack.At some point during the intervening years, the original Jack was found wandering in Ireland and sent back across the Irish Sea to an English shelter where, it was hoped, a loving family would adopt him. The staff at this shelter noticed that their new arrival had a microchip that listed the contact information of his long-lost owner.Yes, they were very happily reunited. About two days later, Jack #1 and his owner were playing one of their old-time favorite games again. And Jack #2? He’s very much a part of the family. And when someone calls "Jack," they both come running."

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