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Foods To Avoid If You Have Acid Reflux

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Acid reflux is a condition where the stomach acids rise from the stomach up the esophagus because the valve separating the stomach contents from the esophagus is not functioning well.

That’s the definition. It can be summarized in 3 words – “Pain and Inconvenience”. That’s what most acid reflux sufferers feel. Acid reflux is accompanied by a host of other symptoms that range from annoying to pain that just can’t be ignored. Chest pain, nausea, cough, hoarse voice, etc. are all symptoms of acid reflux.

Naturally, almost everybody who has acid reflux will want to mitigate the symptoms for relief. One of the best ways to keep acid reflux in check is to monitor your diet closely. This will not only alleviate your acid reflux symptoms but you will also lose weight, look better, feel better and will be healthier.

A good, clean, natural and healthy diet will work wonders. Our diets in this current day and age leave much to be desired. Preservatives, additives, hormones, lack of omega-3 fatty acids, etc. are all not beneficial to the human body.

The list below will highlight foods that you should avoid if you have acid reflux. The list is by no means comprehensive but will serve as a good starting point. Each individual is different. If something you eat causes you heartburn, avoid it. Do NOT carry on eating it because you love the food so much you are willing to endure the pain. Sounds ridiculous but thousands of people are doing it.

1. Avoid citrus fruits and tomatoes

Oranges, grapefruit and lime are examples of citrus fruits. That means they are acidic. Acid reflux sufferers definitely do not need more acidic substances in their body. Even though fruits are beneficial, citrus fruits and their juices are best avoided if you have acid reflux.

2. Garlic and onions may affect you adversely

Some people have reported that garlic and onions bring on heartburn for them. So, monitor what you’re eating and if you notice acid reflux symptoms upon eating these, make a note and avoid them.

3. Spicy foods could be responsible too

Though spicy foods create an image of a burning sensation, most people do not get heartburn from consuming some spicy Indian food, etc. It varies from individual to individual. This is why it’s absolutely necessary for an acid reflux sufferer to have a food journal so that he or she can closely monitor the effects of the food they eat.

4. Caffeine could be a culprit

Caffeine heightens our senses temporarily. People suffering from tinnitus are told to avoid caffeine because it is a stimulant. Acid reflux sufferers should pay attention to the amount of caffeine they are consuming. If you are having heartburn, cut down the caffeine. You may notice a change for the better.

5. Alcohol and fatty foods

Alcohol may or may not cause problems. It all depends on the individual. Nevertheless, it is a factor. So are fatty foods like cheese, nuts and even a juicy steak.

6. Chocolate and carbonated beverages

These two foods should be totally avoided. Chocolate causes the sphincter to relax and thereby allows the stomach acid to rise up the esophagus. Carbonated drinks often have a lot of gas and cause distension in the stomach causing the acid to rise. Give these two a pass for your well-being.

In the end, you will need to monitor on your own what is affecting you. That is the best way to be one step ahead of your acid reflux and keep it in check.

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