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Low Salt And Low Fat Diet Known As The Rice Diet

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Low Salt And Low Fat Diet-Known As The Rice Diet

The Rice Diet was developed in 1934 by Dr. Walter Kempner, a physician at Duke University hospital who treated patients with malignant hypertension which is very high blood pressure as well as kidney disease. He began treating them with what became known as the Rice Diet when there was no other treatment available.

He gave patients a bowl of white rice at every meal. The rice diet is basically a very low salt diet. No salt is allowed to be added to any food. The low fat content of the diet also enhances success for these people who had serious medical conditions that no other treatment could cure.

Today, the rice diet continues to be offered as an outpatient program through the Rice Diet Clinic in Durham, NC. The same low sodium low fat diet philosophy is adhered to. Patients come to Durham today with conditions like morbid obesity, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, congestive heart failure and kidney disease and find hope.

The body needs about 500 mg. of salt every day to function. Yet, the typical American diet gives you 4000 to 7000 mg. of salt. When you go on the rice diet, you begin to feel better immediately because you get rid of the extra salt and water you are carrying around. Salt makes you feel bad. It also stimulates your appetite. When you dramatically reduce your sodium intake, you may also find that your hunger and food cravings go away.

Patients at the Rice Diet Clinic are seen daily by medical staff. They have 3 meals a day at the Rice House and attend daily activities of stress management, yoga, group therapy, and nutritional lectures.

The clinic offers a lifestyle program with a safe and supportive environment which inspires profound changes leading to lifetime health in the patients who come. More than simply eating three healthy meals a day, The Rice Diet Program offers progressive classes and workshops lead by medical professions.

People attending the clinic have often been unable to exercise for years as a result of their conditions. But, at the clinic, they find a supportive environment to reengage with movement. Yoga and Tai’Chi classes are offered daily. Many participants take up walking while at the Rice Diet Clinic.

The meals at the Rice Diet Clinic are varied. For the first few days, the menu is limited. Thereafter, patients choose from a large selection of items including fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, fish, and beans. The menu selection changes daily to ensure variety. Despite the name, Rice is not the center of the menu. While a number of rices are served, they are just part of the numerous (30 plus) items available at any meal.

The Rice Diet Program at the Durham Clinic takes 4 to 8 weeks to complete. The 4 week program is $5900 for the program fee and 21 meals per week. Participants arrange their own housing with the help of the clinic.

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