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The Power Of The Mind

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Studies by Scientists at Yale University in America have shown that one of the most powerful methods of increasing your life expectancy is through the power of your mind.

Simple by thinking positively you can add years to your life expectancy.
How many years?

Well surprisingly enough they have determined that you can add up to eight years to your life due to the fact that you will be happier, have a more fulfilling life and make better choices throughout your life due to your positive attitude.
We are often taught that you will get what you expect and people with a positive attitude tend to think they will live longer and in fact they actually do.

It has also been proven that the stress caused by negative attitudes that result in constant or long term worry will reduce your life expectancy. When you consider the benefits of worry, or lack thereof, you will wonder why we ever worry in the first place.
90% of what you worry about will never come to fruition and most of the other 10% you can’t do anything about anyway so you should look at your attitude honestly and make a concerted effort to let matters ‘float on by’ without causing you to worry and you will live longer by doing so.

Meditation is an excellent method of helping you to break the bad habit of worry and also for reducing other forms of stress.

Add as much fun and laughter to your life as this will also help to enhance your immune system thereby slowing down the aging process.

Laughter helps to release pain relieving and muscle relaxing endorphins and that reduces the amount of stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin in the body. Anything that you can do to reduce or eliminate stress will help you to live longer.

Even refraining from watching the news on television or reading about it in the newspapers or on the Internet can help you to live longer because much of the news that we hear everyday is negative.
A study was done on newsreaders that showed they died younger than comparable people who were in alternate professions and it was suggested that the cause of this was the fact they were constantly reading negative news reports on a daily basis.

Be positive and live longer and the best way to start is by laughing and smiling right now and understanding that whatever you are currently worrying about right now can’t be changed by simply worrying.

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