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The Effects Of Smoking On Aging

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If you have ever watched the makeover programs that they have on television from time to time you will notice that the people they often chose for the shows where they are trying to make people look ten years younger or thereabouts are those who smoke.

There is a very good reason for this and that is simply because smokers will generally look a lot older than others of the same age.

Smoking is only second to over exposure to the sun for making the skin look old, tired and unhealthy. Of course there are the other factors that need to be considered with smoking such as lung cancer that will certainly shorten your life and decrease the quality of life along the way.

Smoking will also discolor teeth and teeth discoloration is something that is associated with aging. The smokers hair will also usually be somewhat discolored too.

Smoking leaches a lot of goodness out of the body and that is shown in the skin causing a lifeless dry condition.

Wrinkles also form around the lips of smokers from the action of sucking on the cigarette on such a regular basis and it is common for smokers to have more frown lines due to the fact that they often have to look through the smoke haze that they are expelling in front of their eyes.

When you add all these negative effects together it becomes easy to see why smokers look so much older for their age and how eliminating smoking can stop the speed of the aging process and to some extent reverse the trend.

Once smoking has ceased then various skin treatments, tooth whitening procedures and other positive anti aging processes can be implemented that will help the person to look considerably younger and healthier, provided they don’t resort to smoking again.

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