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Sugar Your Life Away

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Sugar is one of the biggest causes of ageing.

It is the problems that the consumption of sugar causes that are shortening the life expectancy of a vast number of people in the Western world.

Excessive sugar consumption causes insulin resistance which in turn causes diabetes.
Diabetes, apart from having a restricting affect on a person’s lifestyle can also reduce life expectancy and bring with it many other health problems such as loss of eyesight, heart disease and arterial problems amongst other things.

Obviously these problems are going to reduce life expectancy so the need to reduce the consumption of refined sugars that are found in low value foods such as breads, cakes, biscuits, sweets and other such products is necessary.

When you consume excessive amounts of sugar the body stores the extra as fat and the weight gain that this causes places more demands on the organs of the body.

Many products are labeled as sugar free but they contain sweeteners such as aspartame, saccharin and sucralose and these ingredients when included in any of the products you buy will still cause problems with the burden they will place on the liver thereby accelerating the aging process.

Another problem that sugar causes due to the process whereby the glucose binds to other proteins rendering them less flexible is with the wrinkling of the skin. Yes, most people don’t realize that sugar consumption will make their skin wrinkle faster as the process of glycosylation affects the collagen. Not only will it affect the collagen in the skin, it will also affect anywhere else in the body where there is collagen and that includes the arteries, lungs and tendons.

The affect that it has by making the arteries less flexible is increased hypertension and all of the problems that are associated with that health problem.

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