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Healthy Eating And Beauty

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You’ve often heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’ and there is a lot of truth in that statement.

The choices of foods that you eat will go a long way in determining the condition of your body and skin and naturally this will reflect on your appearance and the age others assume you to be.

You can’t hope to look young and healthy if you live on a diet of burgers, fries and soda drinks.
Your skin will be lacking the essential nutrients that are necessary for it to look in top condition.

You will probably be overweight and while there are many (far too many) young people who are overweight it is a state that many people associate with aging.

The condition of your skin is affected by the food and drink that you consume and it is essential that you get all the necessary nutrients required and in the correct balance to maintain optimum health. If there are any aspects of this lacking in your diet then the imbalance can affect your skin making it appear lifeless and dry.
A lack of essential elements in your diet can also cause blotches and discoloration on your skin and that is something that many people experience with aging so it will also make you look aged.

Your skin will lose its elasticity and will begin to sag sooner than necessary and this in turn will make you look older than you should.

A lack of the correct nutrition will also affect the condition of your hair and nails. Your hair will go gray sooner and that will make you look older unless you have it colored and your nails will become brittle and be harder to maintain in good healthy condition.

What goes on inside your body is shown to the entire world on the outside so you had better watch your nutrition if you want to look younger for longer.

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