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Smoking The First Weekend

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The first weekend without smoking is often a very difficult time particularly if you are accustomed to socializing.

If you are out with other people who smoke, then you are placing undue pressure on your attempts to stop smoking and it might be better at such an early stage of your program to avoid placing yourself in an environment where there is too much temptation.

One way to handle your first smoke free weekend is to make plans for the whole of the weekend beforehand ensuring that you are steering clear of any of the things that you know encourage you to smoke.

Write down your plans and consider how you will feel in the different situations that you will be in. Ask yourself if you would be tempted to have a cigarette in those situations and if so make changes until you are happy with what you have to look forward to.

Don’t include places or situations where there will be other people smoking as this will give you the opportunity to ‘slip up’ if you are feeling so inclined.

There are always alternatives to anything that you plan so make the changes before the weekend and set yourself up for success right from the start.

It is often a good idea to do something new and different that will give you more to think about that the usual routine. This can help to take your mind off cigarettes but you will also need to ensure that you don’t introduce any additional stress into your life as that might encourage you to reach for a cigarette.

Any time you feel the urge to have a cigarette relax and wait for the craving to pass by. This will generally only take a few minutes and the fastest way you can make such feelings go away is by keeping busy and focusing on something that you find stimulating.

Each weekend will get easier than the last so conquering the first one is a major step on your road to freedom from nicotine.

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