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Which Debts Need Paying First

The debts that need paying first are the ones that will cause you the most grief if left unpaid.

It goes without saying that taxes are at the top of the priority list as the IRS has more powers than anyone to recover the monies owed to them and failure to pay their account on time will not only result in interest but also penalties that can quickly mount up to more than the original debt.

Medical debt is also high on the list of priorities and it is essential that you look after your health and that of the members of your family. Without good health you will need more money to pay for your health care and if you can’t provide sufficient health care for yourself and those who are under your care then the long term problems that can come about from that are often much more costly than the original debt.

Student loans and child care support are both top priority as they are debts where government departments get involved and they have wide reaching powers to recover monies owed to them to such an extent that they can actually make your debt reduction program more difficult to achieve.

You should learn to prioritize all aspects of your life from the debts that you need to pay first to the tasks that you need to get done each day. Time management will help you through your daily tasks and financial management will ensure that you have the least problems possible with your creditors by paying those who must be paid first.

Just because a debt collector starts putting pressure on you to pay a minor debt doesn’t mean that other more important debts should wait for payment. Take control of the situation in all instances where possible and stay with the budget and the process that you have created for efficient debt control.

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