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Medical Bills

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As one of the leading forms of consumer bankruptcy medical debt is a major problem that many people had to contend with.

Even if you have health insurance there are quite often additional expenses when medical care is needed that can amount to quite a large sum of money. Unfortunately for those people who are already having difficulty in paying excessive debt, they quite often have to stop paying medical insurance to cover their other financial needs.

Without health coverage medical bills can build up to such an extent that there is never any likelihood of a person being able to afford to pay them.
It is easy to see why so many people are made bankrupt due to their medical debt.

Unfortunately the medical practitioners are getting tougher on having this debt paid and resort to all means available to them for the recovery of their money.
This can mean you will be getting a visit from a debt collector to recover the funds or the medical practitioner might decide to sue you for the money in which case your assets can be seized and your bank accounts frozen.

There are also becoming many more instances where people are refused medical attention simply because they haven’t paid the past due debt and only cash upfront payments will see that they get the medical attention that is needed.

This is even happening to people who have been having ongoing medical care by a practitioner and have been unable to pay the full amount of that care to date. Even care for serious health problems has been refused due to monies owing.

Where possible you should always try to keep some form of health insurance cover and when needed ensure that they pay for everything that they should.

Review the expenses that are charged to you and be sure that they are correct before paying as it is common for errors to be made that can be extremely costly particularly when you’re already having difficulty making ends meet.

There are some options available where you can get medical discounts and if so make the most of these and get all you can. These apply particularly to people on low income and those who don’t have any form of health insurance.

Consider getting Medicaid which is available in most states to help cover any future medical expenses and also help to pay medical bills up to three months old.

Ask if you can set up an installment plan to pay off your past due medical bill to allow you to continue to receive medical care from your practitioner. Always look at all the options that you might consider available to maintain proper health care.

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