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Habits And How You Got There

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The situations we find ourselves in and in particular where this involves financial difficulty are often caused by the habits that we have. Humans are habitual beings and most actions in our life are caused by the habits that we have adopted which are very often difficult to break.

None more so than habitual spending on the wrong things or the things that we don’t need but feel we want.

This is going to take a bit of work on your part to have an honest look at the way that you spend money and see if there are any habits that are attached to your spending that caused you to get in your current financial strife.

This might be as simple as having the desire to have the latest fashion clothing at all times or to be seen in a brand new car.

It could be that you prefer to eat out all the time rather than cook your own meals at home because that is something that you’ve always done.

There could be any number of habits that are causing you to spend money were you shouldn’t.

What is causing you to spend money when you should be saving?

What is causing you to go into debt and the stress that goes with it for the sake of having what everybody else has or what currently happens to be trendy?

You could just be in the habit of buying the wrong food every time you go shopping simply because you don’t have a shopping list written in advance where you know exactly what you should be buying and sticking to that list rather than buying whatever takes your fancy.

Sit down with a pen and paper and write down the areas where you think habits are affecting your life and your decisions with the handling of your finances. Most people if they are honest will be able to come up with a reasonably long list of things that are affecting their decisions in life and once these are revealed you can go about changing them and thereby changing your whole lifestyle where you understand the importance of the balance that will bring about health, happiness and financial well-being.

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