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How To Stay Motivated Towards Your Goals

Most people begin the year with new resolutions or goals. Unfortunately only a few achieve them. In fact, new studies reveal that less than 10% of people who set goals achieve them. What does this small category of people do differently? One reason people fail to achieve their goals is that they lack focus. With so many activities competing for our attention, it is easy to be distracted from those productive ones that directly impact on our goals, positively. Here are three suggestions on how you can focus on your goals this year to ensure that you achieve them.

Carefully think through your goals
As much as you need to be realistic, you should also be sincere with yourself. What is the real reason behind the goals you have set? For instance, why do you want to travel to at least ten countries before the first quarter? Is it a borrowed goal? In what ways would it benefit you? Do you have all the necessary resources? By honestly examining your motives, you find strong convictions to keep you going even as things get tough. Also, you would be more willing to dedicate your resources towards achieving them.

Be accountable
Another way you can stay focused on your goals this year is through accountability. One way of being accountable is by collaborating with people with the same goals as you. For instance, if you plan to increase your savings, you could join a transparent, well-structured group established for that purpose. Most traders use this means to achieve their financial goals. You could also share your plans with people you know succeeded in the area of your focus and ask them to keep you accountable. By doing so, you would benefit from their valuable experiences and much-needed encouragements. Some people turn to the internet community for accountability purposes, by blogging on their journeys, for example. Staying focused on your goals requires commitment; being accountable makes the whole process a bit easy.

Develop the right attitude
What happens when your zeal fades or when you are confronted with threats, most, beyond your control? Will you quit or will you still forge ahead? People who achieve their goals factor in these events, and when they happen don’t abandon their plans. Find new ways to inspire yourself. Let the progress you would have made, no matter how little inspire you. Rather than focus on the challenges you will face, think of new ways to solve them. You need to develop the right attitudes of persistence, diligence and strong determination to pull through.

When we focus on our goals to achieve them, we place ourselves in a position where we are more in control of our lives. However, what is equally as important as what we achieve is who we become in the process – self-confident, driven and focused people will conveniently take on more challenging tasks.

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