Coping With A Breakup

Coping with a Break-up

“We need to talk… Who hasn’t heard these words before or dreaded hearing them? Things are just not the same anymore… That’s what usually comes next and a decent or nasty break-up follows. Either way, you’re left with a load of heavy emotions to bear along with hurt self-esteem… And then, out of despair and pain come the ‘what ifs’. What if he/she has found someone else? What if I don’t see him/her again? What if I’d done this or not done that?… And so, begins the emotional rollercoaster ride. Of hopes and dreams, and shattered dreams… While coping with a break-up, be good to yourself.

You see, a relationship is like a see-saw with you sitting at one end and your partner at the other. You both give equally to the relationship. But if and when one person starts giving less or doesn’t hold up their end, the see-saw begins to slant downwards. And the relationship becomes unbalanced until one person decides to get off, and the other comes crashing to the ground… Though it’s lonely down there, there is hope. You can still get our ex to climb back on the see-saw…

When your ex leaves, let them! Don’t grovel or beg. That only shows your neediness. And a needy person is not attractive. Any kind of desperate behavior on your part is bound to put your ex off. You need to be strong for yourself. Let your survival instincts and defense mechanism kick in. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cry, just do it when your ex is not around.

Immediately after the split, cut all ties with your ex. Avoid any kind of contact or communication. You might be wondering how you’re supposed to get your ex back when there’s no contact between the two of you, but this step is critical. It allows for space, some time for introspection to think over what went wrong and why… Time makes the mind more clear while distance makes the heart fonder. Spending some time away from you might make your ex miss you and realize your worth.

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During a break-up, it’s natural to grieve, so allow yourself to cry and feel sad. You’ll probably go through a yo-yo of emotions – sad one moment, angry the next minute, confused the next hour, tired in two hours, worried and lonely by the ed of the day. And that’s okay. But after some time, go out! Meet your friends for coffee or dinner. Do things that make you feel good. Pamper yourself with a massage or spa treatment. Tap into your inner strength. Give yourself some time to heal. Whenever you feel alone, reach out to a friend or your family. Talk about your feelings with someone you trust.

The bottom-line is: Be good to yourself.

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