Simple Steps To Stop The Crying

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One of the most commonly asked questions of most new parents is how to stop their baby from crying.

There are many different reasons why a baby is crying and there are as many solutions to solve the problem. Once you know that all your baby’s needs are met with feeding, warmth and toileting then other than a problem such as teething it is most likely comforting that is required to settle down the crying.

What works for one baby might not be so successful for another and you are sure to get many suggestions from people you know on what works best for them.

What makes it even more difficult for some parents to understand is why one method worked so well for one of their children and is totally ineffective for another of their children. This is just one of the many joys of parenting and an example of why so many people struggle with bringing up a child especially when it is their first born.

The simple solution is to try one method after another until you find one that works for you.
Some babies like rocking to relax them while others like a particular type of music.

Here are some options that you might like to try. I am of course assuming that your baby has been fed and doesn’t have wet or soiled nappies.

First you will need to check whether there have been any changes in your baby’s daily routine that might have caused an unsettling disruption? If so you might need to rearrange your plans and revert back to your former routine and make changes a little more gradually.

Are you giving your baby enough attention? It is very easy with all the additional work that has been brought about by having a newborn in the family to find it difficult to manage your time where baby gets sufficient attention.
Newborns are particularly demanding especially in the first few months. They can also pick up on your stress levels and that can be unsettling for them.

Ensure that your baby is well wrapped and warm as this will give it a sense of comfort and security. Alternatively if the weather is particularly warm then over heating could be the cause of distress.

Invest in a baby carrier that you can wear while you go about your chores so your baby is with you and the swaying motion of you walking will often put a baby to sleep.
Some babies find comfort in the motion of a ride in a car but you don’t want to make a habit of having to go for a drive each time the crying starts.

A warm bath can be soothing and sometimes the simplest things like a dummy to suck on is all that is needed.

Think of things that might comfort you but don’t resort to giving your baby chocolate even though that might be the first comforting thought that comes to mind for you.

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