Security From Comforting Parents

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Holding your baby is one of the most important aspects in its development as it creates a bond of security trust and reassurance. Nothing in the world can replace the comforting arms of a mother or father for a baby.

Initially your baby will have very little strength in its neck and will not be able to support the weight of its head so you will need to offer this support when you or anyone else holds your baby.

If other children in your family want to hold the newborn they will need to be made aware of this so they can offer support too.

Children should be taught to be very careful and everyone should handle the baby with the utmost care by keeping movements slow and smooth whilst still offering sufficient support.

If young children are cuddling the baby it is safest if they are holding them over a soft surface such as your bed and you should never leave them alone even for an instant.

Men are generally a little anxious to hold a baby as they fear they could do some damage to something so delicate however a baby will feel secure if it is fully supported when being held.

Once the baby is a little older it becomes a bit easier to handle as it will have developed the strength to hold up it’s own head with increased strength of the neck muscles and this will allow the use of a baby carrier that both the mother and the father can use.

Getting the father to help reduces the strain that gets placed upon the mother’s back from constantly having to pick up and carry a young child around.

With the baby held in an upright position and its head draped across your shoulder it will in the ideal position to rock it to sleep comfortably while remain fully supported even when very young and lacking in neck muscle strength.

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