Nutritional Deficiencies

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As a mother, maintaining your own levels of good nutrition is not only essential during pregnancy but also after your baby is born and you are breast-feeding your child.

If your own body is nutritionally deficient then you can’t expect your child to be getting sufficient nutrition from your breast milk to ensure optimum development.

If you have any health issues that you believe might be detrimental to the quality of your breast milk then you will need to discuss this with your doctor and consider feeding your child on baby formula to make sure that it is getting the best start in life that can lead on to a strong and healthy childhood.

Getting this good nutrition at an early stage in life will help your child to combat infection and diseases by developing a stronger constitution.

Living conditions can also have a dramatic effect on the health of your child and under no circumstances should anybody be smoking in the presence of your baby or other children in the house.

If you are a smoker then it is likely that your own nutritional balance is deficient and that imbalance will be passed on to your child through your breast milk.

No matter which method you choose to feed your child you should always have regular checkups to see that healthy body weight is increasing and there are no other health issues that are present or developing that are a cause for concern.

Ultimately the food and drink that you put inside your body will have a corresponding effect on the well being of your child.
As the child’s body is more susceptible to these factors it is something well worth considering.

There can be other factors why feeding your baby on formula might be the best option and it is best not to listen to the opinion of others regarding these matters unless they are educated with the full facts to make an informed decision.

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