More Safety Factors You Should Consider

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It is all too easy to forget that there are so many dangers present for a baby or young child about the house that you wouldn’t have even considered before having a child in the house.

Even having shopping bags within reach of your child presents the danger of suffocation. The same problem is present with balloons and other forms of plastic products.

Strings, cords and anything that can cause strangulation need to be kept well out of reach of your child. You will be surprised at how many items in the house fall into this category and how many items of clothing have cords and so on that can cause problems by getting wrapped around your child’s throat.

Cords from blinds fall into this category and need to be tied up well out of reach.

Toy manufacturers are a lot more careful these days about the construction of their products but you still need to be diligent in determining whether the toys that you give your child can pose a danger with smaller items that could break off and get lodged in your child’s throat.

The recent incident of products made in China having excessive levels of lead in the paint is something that many parents never thought would be something they would need to be concerned with and just goes to show that even when buying from reputable brands you can never be too cautious when it comes to the health and safety of your child.

Any toy that looks like it has parts that will break off is to be avoided as children will chew on objects for extended periods and before long they will start to deteriorate and break apart posing the danger of getting lodged in the throat.

While most people are aware of the dangers that small items present to a child you will also need to consider large items that can either be pulled down on top of your child or those that will allow your child to climb up and access other dangers that are at a higher level in the house.

Never underestimate your child’s ability to get to places where they shouldn’t be.

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