Feeding Your Baby

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The easiest way to feed your baby is also the best and that is by breast feeding. Some women do however experience some problems initially but with the right advice most will overcome these problems and find that breastfeeding is convenient as there is always a ready supply available for the baby whenever it is needed.

Breast milk is the best form of food that you can give your baby for maintaining good nutrition.

Some women are opposed to breast feeding for various different reasons but don’t let any preconceived ideas or opinions from ill informed individuals affect your decision making.

It is acceptable to breast feed anywhere these days and that has made the decision for many women all the easier although some people still feel somewhat embarrassed to breastfeed in public places.

If breastfeeding causes any form of pain or discomfort discuss this with your medical professional and see if the problem can be resolved.

If there are ongoing problems then there might be no alternative than to use baby formula milk powders and bottle feeding.

Fortunately the formulas for babies have improved considerably over the years and you will be happy to know that babies will get excellent nutrition from baby formula.
There will be the added work of having to ensure complete cleanliness at all times with the baby’s bottle and the need to have some way to warm the milk which makes it less convenient than breast milk but they are minor things that you will learn to deal with and plan for if you need to go places.

One of the biggest advantages of breast milk is the fact that it is always ready should the baby require feeding and initially this can be at any time of the day or night and you can imagine how much easier that will be if your baby wakes up in the early hours of the morning expecting to be fed.

Keep a watch on your baby’s weight when breast feeding to ensure that it is getting enough nutrition to gain weight and if not talk to your doctor.

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