Constipation Problems And Solutions

Many parents are unaware that constipation in babies and toddlers is a relatively common problem and is a cause for concern for a large percentage of parents.

Constipation can lead to very unsettled and unhappy children and makes for sleeping difficulties too.

The same causes of constipation in adults are the reasons while babies and young children get constipated.
It is due to a lack of fluids and/or fiber in the diet.

One of the problems with babies however is the fact that the problem tends to get worse if steps aren’t taken to resolve it.

Once a baby gets constipated they will realize that pain is associated with their attempts to pass a stool and this will make them tend to avoid going.
Once this starts to happen they get into a circle of not wanting to go to the toilet and getting constipated more often.

One thing that you must avoid doing with babies or young children is to use laxatives.
Laxatives can cause other problems for your child and you should never use any forms of medication without consulting your doctor.

The problem stems from the child’s diet and the first step is to increase the fiber in their diet.
This can be as simple as adding more fruit and vegetables to the diet and making sure that the fluid intake is increased.
Water is the best form of fluid and the additional moisture that is present in the child’s stool will make it easier to pass.

You should also try to get your child into a routine whereby they expect to make a bowel movement at particular times during the day and the best time is often soon after a meal.
This will introduce some regularity into their life and reduce the chance of them getting constipated from ‘holding on’

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