Cleanliness Is Essential

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To maintain your child’s good health it is essential that all aspects of the babies care are performed with the utmost in cleanliness.

Babies should be washed on a daily basis with warm water to thoroughly clean the body while always remembering that they are extremely delicate at that stage of their life and have very sensitive skin.

Make sure that the water is not overly warm or cold because at this stage of the baby’s life they are susceptible to temperature changes and cannot handle them as well as older children.

Any cleaning materials that you use on your child’s skin need to be mild to ensure that there are no allergic reactions or other skin problems caused by the cleaning.

Your baby should be checked on a regular basis to see that the nappies are clean and dry as wet nappies are one of the fastest ways for your child’s to get skin rashes and irritations.

You will also find that if your baby is dry warm and clean they will be a lot more contented and will sleep a lot better and that in turn will ensure that you have a better night’s sleep and everyone remains happier and healthier.

A soft sponge or a flannel can be used to wipe down your baby’s body and non-allergic oils and talcum powders can be used on areas where there are rashes or dry skin.

Even though you might be diligent in cleaning your child’s clothing and bedding it is not uncommon for some people to see rashes appear from the child’s skin and unbeknown to them it has come about from the fact that even though they have washed the clothing and bedding there is still cleaning residues left on the material and it is this residue that is causing the problems.

It doesn’t take very much to inflame or irritate a baby’s skin and the first sign of any reaction should be noted and steps taken to reduce any discomfort or pain.

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