Baby Stools

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The first stool that you see from your baby can come as a surprise simply because most parents aren’t expecting what they see which is a green/black and is a result of the baby excreting the substance that is present in its system from before the birth.

This is actually a good sign because it shows that the baby’s systems are working as expected in the elimination of this substance.

The usual color for a breast fed baby is a mustard or yellowish colored stool that is very loose and easy to pass.
Babies with colic can have stools that are more greenish colored.

The color of a breast fed baby’s stool can change somewhat depending on the foods that the mother is consuming.

If your baby is bottled fed on baby formula the stool is more likely to be light brown in color and usually better formed than those of a breast fed baby.

You should always note any changes in the color and consistency of your baby’s stool as this can show where there might be some irregularities in the diet or other health problems.

When weaning your baby you can expect changes in color and consistency, sometimes on a daily basis depending on what you are feeding your child.

During weaning these can even be multi-colored but more often than not they will be of a similar color to the food that they have been eating.

If you notice foods that are passing through without being digested then this is a sign that those foods might not be suitable for your baby at this stage and should be eliminated form the diet until a later date.

The frequency that baby’s pass stools can vary considerable from those who will go every day to other babies who will take up to a week to pass a motion.

Provided your child isn’t constipated there is generally nothing to be worried about but always mention any of your concerns to your doctor to be safe.

Likewise if there are any signs that there are problems such as blood in the stool or mucous then consult with your doctor immediately.

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