Baby Skin Care

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Baby skin is extremely delicate and sensitive so you need to be very careful of any cleansers that you might use on the skin.

Only use specific products that have been formulated for use on babies as they have ingredients in them that are a lot milder and designed to reduce the incidence of rash and other skin irritations.

If you find that your child is getting skin irritations, eczema or other skin problems then you need to look at all aspects of the products that you are using on your child.

You will also need to look at the products that you are using to clean your child’s nappies and clothing and even the materials used for the clothing that your baby is wearing as some fabrics can irritate the skin.

It is important to maintain high levels of cleanliness particularly where nappies need to be changed on a regular basis so your child remains clean and dry as much as possible.

If you have a child with particularly sensitive skin you might need to consider using disposable nappies rather than washing your own reusable nappies as this will ensure that there are no cleaning products that could cause skin irritations.

It is quite common for children to get rashes and skin irritations at a very young age and there are some excellent products on the market to help comfort a child during these times.

You should air your baby’s bedding on a regular basis and check for any dampness as this can lead to mould and other bacterial problems that can cause skin irritations and also breathing problems.

Even the condition of the baby’s room can have a dramatic effect on the child’s skin and also their breathing so make sure the room is clean and free of dust and dampness and there are no draughts.

Consider changing any products that you are using if you find that you’re not resolving any skin issues even those that you have used successfully on another child as sometimes one product could cause problems whereas another similar product is completely satisfactory for your child.

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