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8 Great Reasons Why You Should Learn Italian

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Why learn Italian? That is a very a good question and a good reply will be to say “why not?” After all, it is beautiful language that is used not only in Italy but in different parts of Europe as well.

1. But the best reason will probably be for you to be able to interact with the locals if ever they don’t understand English. This will make it easy for you to find your way if you get lost, buy tickets, find the bus stop or read important notices that are posted.

2. The next reason believe it or not is all about politeness. You are a guest in their country and instead of them adjusting you should be the one to make the adjustments because they will surely do the same when they visit the US.

What this does is make the locals appreciate who you are even if you do not the pronunciation right. The important thing is you made an effort.

Some of the basic phrases you need to know include how to say good day, good afternoon or evening, goodbye, please, thank you, do you speak English, I don’t speak Italian, where is the bathroom and how much is this.

If you know that, the locals will be more than able to assist you despite your limited knowledge of their language.

But if you would like to strike a conversation with them, you have to learn other words and phrases. You can start out by buying a dictionary, listening to audio tapes and enrolling in a class. If you have a friend that can speak Italian, the better so he or she can correct any mistakes that you have made.

You can also check online for other learning resources. Be aware that while some ask you to pay a certain fee, others are willing to teach you for free.

3. Another good reason why you should learn Italian is to improve your employment potential. If you apply for a job and it requires someone who speaks Italian fluently, your name will be in the final list of candidates for that position.

4. For those who want to pursue higher education, it is also beneficial since some schools require you to speak at least a foreign language.

5. Learning Italian will let you appreciate more plays, books and other works that were written by Italian writers. Yes you may have read the English translation but it is nothing compared to reading or hearing it in the original version.

6. If ever you plan to work or decide to settle in Italy or somewhere in Europe, it will be easy for you to blend in with the people.

7. Learning Italian or any other language makes you understand their culture and who you are. This in essence will give you a better view of the world which helps shape your identity and makes you appreciate what you have.

8. Lastly, so that you will be able to make life long friends even if they happen to live across the Atlantic.

So why learn Italian? So you will be able to speak another language apart from English and have a greater understanding of other people and yourself. Something you will find useful when applying for work, going back to school or simply while you are on vacation.

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