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Using Your MP3 Player To Learn Chinese

The rush of everyday life lends to time constraints on the things we want to do or even the things we need to do. MP3 players originally were designed to give us a mobile soundtrack of our lives, allowing us opportunity to carry our favorite tunes wherever we went. With the technology of MP3 thrust upon us, it wouldn’t be long until the multiple capabilities for the player were enhanced, allowing us other possibilities of use for the mini system.

Now available for download on the MP3 player are programs to learn Chinese. This makes it possible to acquire a second language skill while caught in the rush of life. Whether walking to and from your job, sitting in your car, or even in the grocery…you can learn Chinese. It’s productive. And it’s an accomplishment. For people who’s time is limited who have always wanted to master being bilingual or for those who absolutely must learn it quick before a trip to the Asian world, this is resolution. The Chinese language can be accomplished simply by reaching out to resources you already have.

Depending on what method you use, there are valuable resources available for download. Some lessons include almost everything–audio which has pronunciations, vocabulary, reading, plus added bonuses for practice. The software available for MP3 players is unlimited these days even in just the subject of learning Chinese. Some internet sites also offer daily MP3 broadcasts in Chinese. You are able to listen to new lessons everyday and practice them and it costs absolutely nothing. Other MP3 downloads for your Chinese language instruction offers conversations done two way and then broken down, explained and repeated for practices exercises. There is a talking dictionary available, containing over 81,000 entries. These talking dictionaries have over 2000 phrases and commonly used words in China. The downloads are designed to have playbacks at two different speeds.

If reading or speaking Chinese isn’t your focus and you wish just to listen to Chinese music, that of course, is always possible with the MP3 player. The internet is chocked full of willing places allowing you the access to Chinese music. Some include flash imagery of peaceful Chinese scenery for more relaxation and entertainment. There is also shareware which permit’s the user to download and burn information to a cd. The prices vary as much as the attractiveness of the software package or shareware package.

So, next time your stuck in traffic and your feeling tense, over or under stimulated. Consider the use of a MP3 player for your attention. Wouldn’t it be better to use down time to better yourself? If just for self-enrichment, for your career positioning, or even a new friend, using a MP3 player as a tool to learn Chinese can be easy, rewarding and entertaining. Relax through it all with something else, something worthwhile, capturing your attention. Your MP3 player can just about do it all these days, and that’s kind of like us…always trying to do it all.

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