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What To Do With Excess Scrapbook Supplies

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Do you enjoy scrapbooking? Whether it has been a hobby of yours for months or years, you may have acquired quite the collecting of scrapbook supplies. These supplies can include anything from expensive stamp sets to cheap themed background pages. Unfortunately, you may find that you have so many supplies you don’t use them all. So what can you do with your excess scrapbooking supplies?

Trade. Do you still scrapbook? Many look to give away supplies after they quit the hobby, but you may just be taking a different approach. Have you finished a scrapbook with a sports theme and moved on to the holidays? If so, your best option is to trade. Find others who scrapbook and offer to trade supplies. This is easy to do online or in person with your friends and family.

If you want to trade scrapbook supplies online, have a digital camera. This allows you to photograph your supplies, which should increase your chances of finding another scrapbooker to trade with. If you want to trade locally, but don’t know anyone who scrapbooks, you can start a scrapbooking club. That club can take place in your home or at a public place. Advertise online, on community bulletin boards, or in your local newspaper. In addition to trading supplies, members can share tips.

Sell. Selling your excess scrapbooking supplies not only helps to make more room, but it allows you to recoup expenses. Many scrapbookers want to hold onto their supplies, even if they don’t need them, because they cost money. When opting to sell your supplies, this should not be an issue. You could recoup a percentage of the money you spent or you can even make a profit.

If you opt for selling your excess scrapbook supplies, you have a number of options. Selling online is quick, easy, and convenient. You can use a public online marketplace, like There are also scrapbooking communities online. Some have a buy, trade, or sell section. You can list your scrapbook supplies for sale here.

Donate. If you have new scrapbook supplies, such as a package of stickers that are unopened, consider donating. When doing so, you have options. The Salvation Army and other non-profit organizations may accept your supplies to sell in their stores. Schools and churches also need craft supplies for projects or fundraising ideas. Consider donating your unused or unopened scrapbook supplies to them.

In addition to donating your excess scrapbooking supplies to a local school, church, or non-profit organization, you can give them free to someone you know. Has a friend or family member expressed interest in scrapbooking? If so, give them your excess supplies. This gives them a good starting point, but it also clears space for you.

Now that you know what you can do with your excess scrapbook supplies, it is important to focus on them. You know that supplies and accessories come in a number of different formats. Use your best judgment. Unless giving away for free, do not try to sell a sticker sheet that is over half empty. An alternative and more professional approach is to cut each sticker out and place in a ziplock bag.

If opting to sell, the scrapbook supplies that sell the best are those that can be reused. For example, scrapbooking scissors, die cut stampers, and rubber stamps are popular. They can be reused multiple times. These items are best to sell, as opposed to give away, as they are expensive. You are able to recoup a percentage of your cost, while your buyer is able to save money with buying used, instead of new.

As a recap, you can trade, sell, or donate your excess scrapbook supplies. Although it can be hard to part with your supplies, even if you know you will not use them again, there are a number of benefits to doing so. The biggest benefit is the saved space.

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