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Wedding Favors

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Choosing your wedding favors can be a lot of fun and this form of gratitude goes a long way to show the guests that you have at your reception that you appreciate them for being there.

Wedding favors are big business these days and a whole industry has sprung up offering many and varied different types of wedding favors to cater for the increased demand.

Good wedding favors can be relatively inexpensive however depending on the number of guests you have at the reception, as with anything else, the costs can soon mount up.

You might even like to consider creating your own wedding favors as many people appreciate the fact that you have gone to the effort of creating something yourself and taken the time to show your appreciation by putting that into your own personalized wedding favor.

You might even like to try something completely different and this can only be limited by your own imagination. Surprises such as this are often the things that many people will talk about in the years to come whenever they think about your marriage.

It’s quite nice if you can tie in the wedding favor with the overall theme of your wedding including the colors.

If the favor is something more permanent rather than chocolates or some other food item then people will be able to keep it as a memento of the day.

You might find that elderly guests in particular like the fact that they can have something that they can treasure as a reminder of your wedding in the years to come.

Even the wedding favors that are available for purchase at the major stores can be personalized with the name of you and your partner on them and this can be done for a relatively small expense in most cases.

You can also give a slightly different wedding favor to your family and members of the bridal party as an extra special sign of appreciation for their help and support.

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