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My Daughter Is All Grown Up Now

As parents, you raise your children and must deal with issues like good behavior, discipline, illnesses, school and activities, many, many things only parents have learned while raising their children into adults. Parents endure all these gladly so that when the children become adults they will no right from wrong; make good choices instead of bad choices. Even the people they choose to be around and have in their lives. All parents can do is be the best guide for their child they know how to be.

At some point, parents realize one day my daughter is all grown up and fixing to begin a life of her own. She will no doubt soon start her own family she will come to you soon and say "mom I am getting married" and even though you may think you are done or you have done all you can to raise her right she will still need you. When she decides to get married, she will need you before, during, and after the wedding.

Yes, you will have to help her even though she may be all grown up but she still has choices to make and still looks to you her mom for guidance. After she is done with the wedding and she has a home of her own, she will need to know about things. As well as how to do things to take, care of her home and husband. Wedding do not dome with instructions on how to survive them they do however come with everyday decisions, problems, and the solutions that have to make.

You can only help and make suggestions you cannot decide for her you may discus all the options she may have or choices she has however you should always let her have the final say. This way your daughter is learning to handle the future decisions that may arise because at some point in her life you will not be there so she must be strong and able to handle anything that life brings to her door. Much of the time, these are the last things moms can teach their children. You remember what it was like when your mom realized you had grown up and began your own life. You still had questions after your wedding.

All you can do is reassure her that she may make mistakes but that it is ok to do so everyone does at some point. Do the same things with her you have in the past tell her to always do her best in the decisions she makes and learn from her mistakes if any. Always let her know you are a call away if she is lonely while her new husband is away at work or on business trips.

Sometimes just hearing a mom’s voice on the phone can fix things. Especially if her and her husband live in another town or city this is reassuring being all grown up does not mean daughters do not still need their moms.

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