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Getting Others Involved

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Your engagement period gives you time to plan everything that is necessary for the wedding to run smoothly on the day and also the preparation of the honeymoon afterwards.

It gives you time to make decisions together to determine exactly what you want while making sure that you’re both in agreement on all aspects of the wedding and honeymoon as it is a time of sharing for both of you.

In planning your wedding you need to understand that it is your special day for you and your partner and nothing else should influence your decisions in making it your day.

While other people might like to get involved you need to control the planning details completely to ensure that you are not being influenced by other people as this is a day that needs to be remembered by you and your partner for life and you want to remember it as a day when everything went your way.

While it is good to get family and friends involved they need to understand that their involvement is only welcome if they understand that you are in control of the planning process and as it is your wedding things need to be done your way whether other people like it or not.

This can all be done in a friendly and helpful manner and once family and friends understand this they should be only too willing to help out and make the day go a lot smoother and happier for everyone involved.

By giving friends and family specific tasks they will feel as though they are part of the planning process as most people like to get involved.

They will also be helping you with some of the work load and in doing so the whole process of planning should become a lot easier and the result should be a lot happier and stress free wedding day.

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