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Arrive In Style

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It is your wedding and you have the freedom to do what you like on your special day so consider arriving in style on something other than the norm.

How about a helicopter or a horse and cart!

Be a little bit daring and make a grand appearance and you don’t have to stick by the traditional rules of the bride and groom arriving separately either.

If you’ve gone to the expense of hiring a limousine then enjoy it together and arrive at your wedding drinking champagne while you experience every moment of the day with one another.

Don’t be burdened by old rules that say you can’t do this or that — do what you like and love every moment of it.

It should be a day of total fun and relaxation from the time that you wake up in the morning to the time that you leave the reception to enjoy your honeymoon together and onwards for the rest of your life.

Consider any forms of transport that you or your partner might be passionate about and see if there is anyone who might be able to help out on your wedding day.

There are many people with hot rods, Ferraris and various other types of vehicles who would charge a fee to drive you to your wedding in their vehicle.

Naturally the two of you won’t be able to go if your choice is a Ferrari unless you can find somebody who will give you the keys to the car for the day.

There are unique vehicle rental companies also where you can choose a special vehicle for your transport but there is often quite a substantial fee involved and it might even be cheaper turning up in a helicopter however you need to take into consideration getting your hair and dress blown around when getting out of the helicopter.

There always many things to think about and doing so well before the wedding is always the best policy.

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