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A Best Man Speech

Generally, the best man chosen to give a speech is the groom’s best friend. This friend has probably grown up with the groom from a very young age and they both survived high school and even the dating experience. As well as all the wild nights and parties, they shared together.

Sometimes it is difficult for a best friend to share his friendship with the groom with anyone else that may become involved with the groom. Believing that all the fun time come to an abrupt stop once his friend the groom says I do. This in reality is not the case. Therefore, a true best friend will want his best friend the groom to be happy and if a marriage is, what it takes then so be it.

The best friend is to give a speech to the new couple and tell of some outdated and good experiences shared. Also of new future experiences to come and best wishes the best mans’ speech must be sincere and meaningful so not to hurt feeling. Words of true friendship expressed as only the very best friend can put them. The best man must also remember that weddings are not the place for stories from the good old days this is usually not proper wedding conversation or subjects of discussion. Topics of this nature are usually embarrassing to both the groom and the bride or others may be offended.

The best friend knows the groom much better than anyone else in the event does. Maybe even better than the grooms own parents do; the best man may give some good advice toward the new bride during his speech. The new bride should take the words of wisdom to heart for the future of the marriage. Best mans job is to encourage the groom he is doing the right thing for both he and his new wife in his speech. The speech can include things about the groom that make the bride feel safe in her marring to the groom. As well as secure for the future of the marriage together.

The best man usually begins his speech at the wedding celebration by telling a good tasteful joke about weddings or marriages. Then begins by mentioning how level headed the groom is and the fact that the groom thinks before he acts. How long he has known the groom and facts about the friendship. Important factors he thinks will reassure the new bride about her husband. As well as the fact that he as the grooms best friend hopes that he will become a close friend or the new brides as well.

Nearly every speech given at any wedding by the best man says generally the same thing so you as the best man need to add things that no one could possibly think of to wish your closest and dearest friends the best of everything for their future together. Whether you choose to be lighthearted and funny as best men are at weddings or chillingly serious you need to make sure the speech says exactly what you would give to see your best friend the groom happy in a lasting marriage. If the new bride trusts you as the best man and her husbands’ best friend then the two of you will still be able to hang out and have fun after the wedding.

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