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Easy Ways To Enhance A Scrapbook

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Have you just started scrapbooking? If so, you may be looking for ways to spice up your scrapbook pages. You will be pleased with all of your options. There are an unlimited number of easy ways for you to enhance a scrapbook.

Themed Background Sheets

The first step in starting a scrapbook is to create a page background. When doing so, many beginners opt for a solid color sheet of paper. Yes, this approach works, but it might not enhance your page or make it standout from the rest. That is why themed background sheets are recommended.

Themed background sheets, also known as print backgrounds, come in a number of different formats. They are available for sale locally and online. No matter what your scrapbook theme, you should be able to find matching backgrounds. For example, for a football themed scrapbook, you can find a page that resembles at football field, with the yard lines highlighted.


Many new scrapbookers only associate scrapbooking with photographs. Yes, pictures play an important role in scrapbooking, but they are not the only component of it. Stickers can add fashion, flair, and professionalism to a scrapbook.

In addition to “traditional” stickers, you have the option of buying foam stickers or foam 3-D stickers. These are not just limited to kid’s stickers. A 3-D foam sticker of a sun may have holes that you push out yourself. 3-D stickers are nice, as they tend to jump off the page.

Die Cuts

At first glance, die cuts look like stickers. In fact, they may be. Some die cut shapes are sold with adhesive backing. A die cut is a great enhancement for a scrapbook, due it its real-life look. For example, a die cut of a baby bottle will look more like a real baby bottle than a sticker of one. Due to their slight elevation, die cuts also standout on a scrapbook page.

Photograph Borders

When just starting, many new scrapbookers simply just glue their photograph onto a background sheet. Yes, this is okay to do, but you have so many options. One of those options is to use photograph borders. When properly positioned around a photograph, they make it standout. It will look like a picture frame, but on paper.

When utilizing photograph borders as a scrapbook enhancement, you have options. Decorated and precut borders are available for sale online and in craft stores. You can also make your own. A thick piece of cardstock can be cut a little bit larger than the photograph. Then, cut out the inside, creating a frame-like border.

Photograph Backgrounds

The first step in creating a scrapbook is with a page background. In addition to using a whole page background, you can create a photograph background. In fact, this is a great alternative to the above mentioned photograph borders. Take a thick piece of cardstock and cut slightly larger than the photo. Glue the two together. You can add extra layers for even more enhancement.

Using themed background pages, stickers, photograph borders, and photograph backgrounds are just a few of the many ways that you can enhance your scrapbook pages. With that said, these are the easiest steps for beginners to take. As you gain more experience in scrapbooking, try new approaches. You may not even need the internet to research. By this time, your creativity should be flowing.

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