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Why Our Family Loves Dogs

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I understand that not everyone has the same passion for animals. I also understand that not everyone contains the lifestyle or maybe health that would be suitable to have a dog. Despite a lot of reasons to avoid having a dog, I want to provide with you some advantages when you have a dog in your house.

1. Dogs make your girl more active

I wonder how many miles your little girl has racked by chasing after the dogs around the house and backyard. Whether that be using a ball, seeking to grab the tail or even retrieving one of her dolls, dogs keep our daughter busy. She likes to follow them around and in many case, join them even on the bed.

After I notice my girl getting bored and trying to destroy everything we have in our house, I typically tell her “Go play with the dogs, sweetie. ” It works every time. When she ages, I know for sure there are other things they’ll try to do like walks around the block or playing frisbee in the park.

2. Dogs make your child more tough

I asked my hubby what good things our dog was able to give us, he just said, “The dog toughens up Jenny.” It actually meant that our daughter got used to being bumped around, slapped by the tail, and occasionally pulled over. She doesn’t like this kind of toughening at all but she has no choice when the dogs are around. Since she’s grown accustomed to being bumped around a little bit, she is actually more tolerant when it occurs outside the house, like in school.

I’ve witnessed her get some hard bumps from other kids but she did not even cry. I think this is a result of the training the dogs has imposed on her.

3. Dogs can help us make our kids better persons

Growing up with a dog offered me a massive heart for people and animals who don’t have a home. I can’t even stand to look at a hurting animal. God made us stewards in this earth and to be a good steward, one must take care of all other creatures here on earth. We have the power to accomplish this, it just takes a little bit of good decision making.

Owning a dog is a little way to instruct kids to love and take care of what God has created for all of us. When you have dogs around the house, you don’t have to teach your kids to love them, it just comes out naturally.

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