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What Your Child Gets From A Dog

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Lots of people feel that when a new child is coming, it implies that their dog has gotta go. They dispatch her off, give her to a relative, or just leave her outside the backyard and there is no way she is coming inside the house. What these people don’t know is that a dog is definitely an excellent teacher and coaching tool for a child. Their little child can learn all sorts of lessons in life from a dog.

· It helps your child how to act around dogs

If you don’t have a dog around the house, how can your child know the do’s and don’ts when a dog is around? When your child kisses and puts his face right in front of a dog, explain to him/her why he shouldn’t do that. When a dog is playing with her toys and your child tries to take it away, tell her the reason why it is not a good idea. It is best that your child is well-trained at home on how to act with dogs so as to ensure when your child attends a birthday and a dog is present, you would have peace of mind that your child would not be bitten or jumped upon by the dog all throughout the party.

· It teaches a child to be gentle

Whenever your child is heavy handed, loud, or perhaps overly exuberant when beside a dog, the dog will inform them. They may growl or some might just walk away and deprive a child of dog play time. This teaches a child that being more gentle and having a softer touch on any other living creature is very important if you want to have a connection or a longer interaction.

· It boosts your child’s strength and self-confidence

As your child gets older and is prepared to deliver commands on your dog, he/she will be able to learn that one must be a strong character and a boosting self-confidence or else the dog won’t follow him/her. Furthermore, telling a dog a command and then watching the dog follow the command would basically provide your child lots of confidence. Through this experience, your child learns that despite being little and still young to make decisions in life, he/she may still make things happen.

· It teaches them the good thing about friendship

Having a dog around teaches a child how beneficial it is to have a close friend, and exactly how good it would feel when you have someone who you can turn to and the feeling when someone depends on you too. It will help children understand the worthiness of friendship and the benefit you will get if you will maintain it right.

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