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How Does Autism Support Dogs Help Children

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I have read an article online that tackles about a charity that aims to improve the life of children with autism by providing a trained support dog. I was amazed of the said charity that’s why I write this article about them. To date, the charity was said to be on the cliff of their financial stability, which is needed to train this support dogs for children. The charity entirely relies on donations in order to cover up all the needs and expenses for these dogs to their respective families. It is estimated to cost $35,000 to provide each autism support dog. Although there were dogs that have been distributed to cater the needs of those autistic children.

Currently the charity has served families in British Columbia and Alberta. Though, each child with autism is unique, many still exhibit behaviors that lead to safety apprehensions ( autistic child bolts away suddenly) and social separation within the family and among other children. For parents, this fallouts in a very stressful daily life and failure to function normally in social affairs. For example, not being able to go to a restaurant or a mall.

The advantages of having an autism support dog are special for every child because every child is unique.

Some of the advantages that can be experienced are:

1. Improve safety for the child (averts the child from bolting)

2. Guardians have better control of the child by directing the dog

3. Inactively teaches the child responsibility

4. Good changes in behavior (lower aggression levels for the child)

5. The child is consoled by the dog when he/she is upset

6. Gives guardians and the child a higher degree of expectedness in social settings

7. Under the B.C. Guide Animal Act and Alberta’s Service Dogs Act, autism provision dogs enjoy the right of full public access on transit, restaurants, etc.

An autism support dog can recuperate the child’s ability to partake in education, social and leisure events because the canine lessens the stress associated with interrelating with other people and getting immersed in a social situation. Imagine the change that you can contribute to a life of an autistic child by helping this humanly institution. All of us can make a difference; it only requires us to open our hearts to see what’s really essential for these autistic children.

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