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Pull Ups & Exercises To Grow Taller

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Exercises have been though and proven to add inches to a human’s height for a long while. The reason behind this theory is that the earth’s gravity pulls the human body or holds the human body to the earth this also compresses the spine bones and joints of the body together. This is a reasonable theory and makes perfect since.

The earth’s gravity pulling on the body compresses the body by two to three inches. Daily exercises to allow the body to decompress and return to it’s normal natural state and positioning allows to body to in fact grow and stretch the spine back out the way that it should be.

Exercise such as stretching exercises and pull-ups also called chin-ups are, believed to allow the body to decompress and stretch to allow the body to grow and to add inches naturally. The pull-up or chin-up is simple the ideal is to grasp the pull-up or chin-up bar with both hands wide enough for a good secure hold then using your arms pull your entire body up. Your head should pass the position that your hands are in do this as many times as safely possible. You can add to the number of times you pull your body up during the exercise sessions.

Another excellent way to use the pull-up bar or chin-up bar is to simply grasp the bar and allow your body to dangle this may cause you to hear your joints pop and crack do not be alarmed it is just things going back where they should be after being compressed for a long period of time. The bar must be high enough off the ground to allow the body to extend full length when dangling.

People who do stretching exercises and who do pull-ups by using a bar that’s suspended off the ground let the body decompress. Your bodies’ suspended in the air and your feet are hanging below your body. This uses the gravity’s pull to sort of naturally stretch the body back into it’s natural shape and height.

Pull-ups when done on a regular basis also allow the body to produce and release the Human Growth Hormones this also stimulates the body to grow in addition to the pull-up exercise. Stretching exercises will also allow the release of the Human Growth Hormones.

Forming a regular exercise, and pull-ups to the routine and being consistent with the exercise routine and the pull-ups will allow the body more time to decompress and release the Human Growth Hormones
Most people believe that doing as many pull-ups daily as possible is the best way to decompress the body. However, always stretch before any exercise session and do not ever try to do more than your body is comfortable in doing.

Over exertion or over exercising the body, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones can cause serious damage and prevent an individual from reaching their goals. This is always true with anything more does not always mean getting the desired results faster or better results at all. So please use caution and some common sense so not to injure yourself when exercising or doing pull-ups.

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