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Zumba Compaired To Aerobic Latin American Dances

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Zumba Compaired To Aerobic- Latin American Dances

Some of you want to know if there is a difference between Zoomba campaired to aerobic exercises. The best answer I can give you is that Zumba, is the new aerobics class.

Zumba is based on moves created for specific Latin American dances. Some instructors choose to include Hip-hop and belly dancing moves along with other international music choices to keep things moving and having fun.

If you have ever been a part of an aerobics class you probably had some fun, as well as made some friends, and had a good work out. I have yet to try Zumba but I suspect that the workout you get is much more intense.

Do you remember what it was like to go out dancing every weekend when you were younger? Remember how you got all hot and sweaty? Well, Zoomba campaired to aerobic will do that for you only much more intensely than just going out dancing on a Friday night.

Zumba is an hour long class and is non-stop dancing for that entire hour. There may be some slower sections so the class can catch their breath and maybe even get a drink of water but from what I hear, you go and dance these international dance moves and literally work your butt off.

Zumba is an easy-to-follow program based on Latin and international dance steps mixed with cardiovascular exercise moves all set to heart-pumping, fast-paced music. Each class is one hour of "calorie-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate you for life!" according to the Zumba Fitness company.

If this sounds like something that interest you, and your doctor has said you are healthy enough to start, go to the website,, and find a class near you. If you just want to feel things out and go to one class then ask the instructor how much they charge for one class. This should be $3-6 depending on the instructor.

You can always commit to a package deal later, if you find you like the class and the instructor.

Dress the part. Do not go in to your class wearing work clothes. You need to wear loose, comfortable clothing like a t-shirt or tank top and shorts or sweat pants that does not restrict movement. This is a dance/fitness class so dress appropriately. Wear comfortable athletic or dance shoes in which you can move freely.

Seriously, once you get started you will not want to stop going to class. It is recommended that to see the results you want to see, in the time frame you want to see them, you should go to at least four classes per week.

Once you get up to speed, so to speak, you can burn 500-800 calories in the one hour class. In my opinion, Zoomba compaired to aerobic exercises is just more intense and you can have so much fun you will not even think you are exercising.

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