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Who Is Cool Sculpting For Are You A Candidate

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Who Is Cool Sculpting For-Are You A Candidate

Since it received FDA approval several years ago, cool sculpting has become a popular choice for anyone who wants to take their body sculpting up a notch. But, that is not to say that everyone is a candidate for cool sculpting. In this article I will tell you a little bit more about the process as well as who is cool sculpting for and who may not be the best candidate.

This is important to consider since this procedure is not cheap. There is no point in deluding yourself that you will get the results you want if you won’t. At the end of the day only your dermatologist can advise you, but I will give you some ideas of what you can expect.

This method is non invasive and virtually pain free. It can take several hours to complete. It requires your doctor to use a laser to break up under the skin fat cells so they can be removed from the body.

It can take a few months to see the full results but in many cases, you can see some results sooner than that.

You can have the procedure done multiple times but you will need to wait a minimum of 30 days between times. This is ideal anyway if you want to have the procedure done on the same area since, as I stated above, it may take some time to fully see the results.

It is an expensive procedure so you don’t want to rush in and have a second treatment before you even know how well the first treatment worked!

So, who is cool sculpting for? Is it for anyone? No, it’s not. If you are obese or morbidly obese it isn’t for you. The ideal candidate for the treatment will have only a little unwanted fat to remove from certain areas of the body such as the stomach, hips, thighs, back and flanks.

If you’ve ever lost a significant amount of weight, you know that there are almost always those stubborn pockets of fat that no amount of diet and exercise can ever get rid of. That is where this procedure comes in.

It can help reach and break down those pockets of fat better than even diet and exercise – since diet and exercise can’t really do any "spot reducing".

So, if you need to lose excess body fat, your first stop should be your doctors office to find out if you are healthy enough for an exercise program. Your doctor can also put you on a healthy diet plan.

You should plan on changing your lifestyle permanently and lose all the weight you can before you even consider having this procedure done.

And, since it is an expensive procedure, upwards of $700 to a $1,000 per treatment, that will give you plenty of time to save up for it (it probably won’t be covered by your insurance, though it doesn’t hurt to ask).

All in all, this process can be for anyone, just not at anytime. Who is cool sculpting for… anyone who has lost a lot of weight but just needs some help with a few trouble spots.

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