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Top Chefs And Weightloss Influence Controversy In The Kitchen

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Top Chefs And Weightloss Influence-Controversy In The Kitchen

Wow, there has really been a lot in the news lately about a t.v. chef who touts high fat cooking. She just admitted she is a diabetic and everyone is talking about how "irresponsible" it is for her to make the foods she does. Well, I personally don’t think top chefs and weightloss influence go hand in hand.

I’m sorry, but who really doesn’t know that eating a lot of high fat food is bad for you? Any adult old enough to be watching a cooking show on t.v. already knows they shouldn’t eat that way.

I think the more important idea behind top chefs and weightloss influence is that it’s all about moderation.

Every now and then we all like to splurge. Maybe we splurge for a special occasion or maybe we splurge just because it is the weekend, but we all do it.

The point is that as long as you only splurge every once in a while, as opposed to daily, you can usually get away with it.

This may not be true if you have other health issues. If you have heart problems or diabetes you may have to be more careful and your doctor will let you know.

But for mostly healthy folks, a little splurging now and then isn’t going to do too much harm and it can make life a little more interesting.

If you are looking at a top chef as some sort of inspiration for eating healthy, you should probably make sure you check their credentials first.

Are they, and their cooking, endorsed by some weight loss organization? Is their cooking endorsed by the Diabetes Association or the Heart Association?

If not, you should be very careful what items of theirs that you prepare. Just because they have a t.v. show where they cook, doesn’t mean they are going to be the best role models for what you or I should cook.

Many times, you can actually modify recipes to make them more health conscious.

Some chefs may even offer tips so you can prepare one of their recipes and make some changes in the ingredients you use so it is healthier.

I am not a cook, and honestly I don’t even like to cook, but even I know how to make some simple modifications to a recipe to make it healthier.

It’s not that hard to do. And if all else fails, just get a weight loss cookbook.

There are many of them available. You don’t have to follow some celebrity chef if you don’t think you know how to make their recipes more healthy.

The point is this: we all know that to stay healthy and keep our bodies at a healthy weight we need to watch the types of foods we eat.

Don’t rely on some celebrity chef to help you out, do your own homework and ask your doctor.

Top chefs and weightloss influence aren’t always the best influences to follow. Use your head to keep your body healthy.

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