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Eating Healthy For Summer Weight Loss Winter Is Over

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Eating Healthy For Summer Weight Loss-Winter Is Over

Winter comes around and it seems we lose the ability to think about what’s healthy for us and what will add pounds to our waistlines. After all,isn’t it more comfortable to cozy up in the house and eat while watching tv and keeping warm? Summer comes and what have you got to show for it? Excess pounds and guilt. The beach seems like a nice idea, top it with some shorts and it sounds ideal.Wait,you didn’t prepare for it and you’re not ready for it physically. Perhaps you should starve yourself for your summer weight loss solution? No you can’t do that, it will cause you to gain more pounds and plus it’s not good for you.

It’s a struggle for everyone that falls into the dilemma of summer weight loss. Unbalanced diet, not eating enough food or starving yourself, and those diet pills you keep scooping up at the super market that claim to "zap" the pounds away do not seem to work. Summer weight loss isn’t about starving yourself so you look thin and attractive in shorts or a swimsuit. The key to weight loss is to eat only healthy foods; believe it or not this may be easier during the summer months because foods that are high in calories seem to be less appealing. Taking advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables that are ripe and juicy can work to your advantage too. These refreshing and delicious foods are limitless and will keep you out of the kitchen or pantry when looking for another quick "snack".

Experts agree that the best summer weight loss diet is a natural one. During the summer months stock up on fruits and vegetables, there’s a lot of selection and a fruit to match almost every persons taste. Both fruits and vegetables are low in calories but they are rich in vitamins and minerals, plus your antioxidants that keep illnesses at bay and may even help to protect you against cancer! Besides the health benefits gained from eating these delicious foods, they are juicy and are suitable to the taste buds. Fruits and vegetables are available at your local farmers market’s and not to mention your grocery stores. Summers natural weight loss will benefit you and help to shrink that waistline.

If you’re curious as to what fruits and veggies pack the most punch here’s a list from the experts:

Berries-These can be bitter or sweet or somewhere in between but somehow they quench your hunger. Berries have the ability to increase your antioxidant levels and help slow the aging process down. Berries are rich in nutrients and can help to lower your cholesterol levels.

Watermelons-Are popular because they are juicy, sweet and make a great cool summer snack.

Garden Salads-Are probably the best meal to have during the summer. Leave off the ranch dressing, this can add to your calories and may even defeat the purpose of your summer weight loss program. If you can’t bear to part with your salad toppings, oils such as extra virgin olive oil and walnut oil are healthy considerations to replace your ranch dressing.

Making the effort to be conscious of the foods you consume during the summer time is the best weight loss plan. This can benefit your health in many ways but it will also keep the guilt at bay.

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