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Calories Revisited

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The problem with restricting your calories too much is the fact that it slows down your metabolism and in doing so it makes it all the more difficult to sustain weight loss.

This is one of the reasons why it is suggested that you don’t reduce your calories by an excessive amount on a daily basis if you want to keep reducing weight over the long-term.

On the other hand when you have excess calories over and above the energy needs of your body then these calories will be stored as fat.

You can see by the last two sentences that it is crucially important for you to get your calorie intake levels correct if you are to lose weight.

Your daily calorie requirement depends on a number of different factors including your weight, your age, gender and your lifestyle as a more active person will need more calories due to the fact that they will be burning more in the course of the day.

On average every pound of your body weight represents approximately 3500 calories. Based on this average, to lose 1 pound you will need to reduce your calorie intake by 3500 calories.
On diet alone, you can see how it won’t be possible to lose a pound a day unless of course you already have a considerable calorie intake and the reduction will still leave you with sufficient food and nutrition to remain healthy.

Supplements can certainly help to make up for any nutrition deficiencies a lot of the time.

By reducing your calories by only 100 calories per day over the course of the year you would have consumed 36,500 less calories and that converts to a weight reduction of almost 10 1/2 pounds.

That is an easily accomplished weight reduction with very little change to your lifestyle and habits.

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