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Are We Like Animals

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While we can’t compare ourselves with animals we can begin to understand eating habits and the reason why humans become over weight.

Consider how many animals you will see that are over weight. In the wild you wouldn’t find any and it is not because of a lack of food – although that certainly will cause a wild animal to be under weight.

No; even where there is abundance of food animals in the wild don’t get obese like humans do and it is not because of their metabolism or digestive systems.
It is because they are eating the correct foods that nature designed their systems to eat to ensure that they are getting the correct nutrition to maintain good health and obesity certainly isn’t a good healthy state to be in.

I doubt you will find any animals that are obese other than those that we keep as pets and that is because humans not only eat the wrong foods themselves but they also feed their pets the wrong foods.

We feed our pet’s processed pet food that has all sorts of colors, additives and other rubbish that they were never designed to have.
And the result of feeding them a poor diet is the high and ever increasing incidence of diabetes in domestic animals.

We are not only making ourselves sick with poor food choices but we are also reducing the chances our pets have of living long and healthy lives.

Just like the food we buy for ourselves, the food we buy for our pets is often determined by the quality of the marketing campaigns that promote those foods.

So the only living beings that seem to make the wrong choices in food consumption are humans and we are supposed to be the most intelligent!

And the only other living beings that are affected by poor food consumption are pets because they have to rely on the poor decisions that are made by humans.

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