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The Aging Effect Of Hyper Pigmentation

Hyper pigmentation of the skin can make you look older than your years and there are two main causes of this condition where the pigment changes and areas of color appear as freckles and spots on various parts of the face and the body.

The first and obvious cause is the sun – that villain of the skin that causes more aging problems than anything else. The sun will not only affect the face but also other areas that are prone to more exposure such as the hands and upper areas of the chest.
Good SPF sunscreens will help a lot and also by keeping out of the sun when it is at its most damaging around the hours either side of midday will help to reduce hyper pigmentation.

The other main cause of hyper pigmentation is not quite as easy to eliminate as that is due to hormonal changes within the body. This can be caused by any number of factors including pregnancy and birth control pills.

By using skin bleaching products the discoloration caused by hyper pigmentation can be made to fade somewhat and for some people this is sufficient for it to go unnoticed. For others where these bleaching products aren’t as effective or the changes in pigment have been too extensive there is still the opportunity to reduce or eliminate it through the use of laser skin treatments.

Your hands are areas that can make you look older as they are highly visual and will also show the effects of the lifestyle that you have lead so getting laser treatment to improve the condition of the skin on your hands, along with your face can do wonders for your desire to look younger.

The laser treatment also has other positive effects on your skin such as the stimulation of collagen which is necessary for healthy skin.

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