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Sun Protection And Beauty

One of the biggest causes of aging is from exposure to the sun. The sun can do considerable damage to the skin and it is this damage that causes the aging effect.

There are other more serious problems that can be associated with excessive exposure to the sun such as skin cancer that should always be remembered the next time you decide to sunbathe.

The tan that you will get from the sun isn’t permanent but the damage certainly is so you should consider other alternatives such as the range of quality ‘fake’ tanning creams and lotions that are available. These will give you the tanned look that you desire without the negative side effects of skin damage.

Some exposure to the sun is necessary for good health but only a moderate amount is required and a good SPF sun protection lotion should be applied to the skin at all times when outside in sunny conditions.

Other damage from exposure to the sun such as discoloration and sun spots will make you look more aged and while there are many excellent treatments such as skin peels and laser resurfacing that can reduce these blemishes the best solution is to avoid them in the first place so such treatments aren’t needed as they will never make the skin as good as it would be if it had never been damaged.

Skin damage from the sun on your hands is an area that will make you look more aged and a lot of this damage can come through the windscreen of your car when you are driving so make sure you have sufficient sun protection on your hands when driving and even consider wearing gloves if you live in a particularly sunny environment.

Wear a hat and sunglasses wherever possible to protect your skin and a good moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated at all times.

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