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Resurfacing And Face Peels

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By removing the outer layer of the skin with laser resurfacing the skin care specialist has the ability to reduce discoloration and other problems that are signs of aging.

Fine lines and wrinkles can disappear or at the very least be diminished and even scars can be faded somewhat where they are unnoticeable or can be hidden with a light foundation.

As well as improving the colors and marks on the skin, laser resurfacing also helps to tighten the skin and has the effect of a mild face lift for many people which gives a more youthful appearance.

This tightening of the skin can help it to remain firm for several months at a time after the initial treatment.
People respond differently to the laser resurfacing treatment with some getting more benefits than others.

The laser also stimulates the growth of new collagen which helps the skin to remain tighter and appear younger looking.

A good dermatologist is always recommended as the laser treatment needs specific techniques when applied to the various skin tones. There are also two types of lasers that are commonly used and the dermatologist will need to decide which one will be most appropriate and in some cases both will need to be used to target varying levels of scarring.

Laser treatments can in fact cause scarring to the skin with people who have dark complexions so a well recommended professional is always necessary to ensure there is no damage caused in the process.

Infection after the treatment can be a concern and often medication is required to avoid any complications.
Another concern is with those people who have sensitive skin where recovery can take longer and infection can be more likely.

While there are the possibility of problems with this form of treatment, if done right the results can be very good and help make the skin look rejuvenated and help to turn back the clock.

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