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Restrict Your Calories

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There is no doubt about the fact that far too many people eat far too much food.

The statistics on obesity and diabetes confirm that but a walk in public will soon make you aware of the fact that there are many people who are overweight and the consequence of that is a reduction in their lifespan.

Most people eat too much, even those who think they have a reasonable diet.
By reducing our food intake many factors change that will help to increase life expectancy.

Imagine the reduction in the workload of the digestive system if we ate 40% less food which just happens to be the figure that has been determined as the excess food consumed by the average person in the western world.

Other body parts would also have less work to do including the liver, and the arteries would become less clogged allowing the heart to do less work.

We would age slower as every part of the body would be functioning more easily and the net effect of that would be an extension of life.

Tests in laboratories with rats and other animals have shown tremendous improvements in many areas of their health, energy and memory when they have been fed a diet with restricted calories.

These signs of aging such as energy and memory loss can all be improved just as they were for the laboratory animals with changes to our diet.

Even small changes can have a large effect over time.

Replacing foods that are high in calories, such as anything containing sugar, or foods that are full of fat such as fried food and takeaways, with more nutritious foods will not only lower your calorie intake but will be more satisfying where you won’t feel hungry as often and that will help to stop the habit of overeating.

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