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Resistance Training

Resistance training is the best form of exercise you can do for the anti aging process.

Contrary to what many people mistakenly believe resistance training is suitable for people of all ages. Even elderly people can get a lot of benefit from resistance training although as expected they will be using a lot less resistance than their younger counterparts.

Resistance training helps to increase muscle mass. Women often show concern when this is mentioned fearing that they will look like the female equivalent of Arnold Schwazzenegger but there is no fear of that happening. The average women will never be able to add bulk muscle without extreme weight lifting and considerable supplementation of specific muscle building products. The women who compete in the professional bodybuilding competitions use steroids to get their extreme muscles mass.

The amount of muscle mass that the average women will gain from resistance training will be sufficient to tone the body and reduce the percentage of fat in the body that will benefit overall health and give a more youthful appearance.

Men will be able to gain more muscle mass and they will also benefit from the fat loss associated with more muscles but they too have no fear of gaining excess muscle.

When working out with weights and other resistance training machines all the muscles of the face are also constantly being tensed and relaxed and this helps to tone and lift the muscles of the face having the effect of a mild face lift.
Obviously this will have an anti aging effect as the face ‘lifts’ and looks more youthful.

Energy levels will also build over time as the effects of the resistance training exercises help to improve the functioning of the body and the skin will also look better and ‘younger’ as the exercise stimulates blood flow and improves circulation to the skin.

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