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Essential Fats

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Essential Fats are so named because they are essential for optimum health however most people don’t understand the importance and health benefits of the different types of fats.

As the body doesn’t manufacture essential fats and they are necessary for our longevity then we must get them from the consumption of the foods we have in our diet.

Unfortunately the majority of people get their fats from the wrong sources of foods and in doing so have a detrimental affect on health and well-being.

The correct fats will help your skin to remain more supple and hydrated and as expected that will help you to get fewer wrinkles.

So what are the best supplies of essential fats?

Oily fish such as tuna, sardines, salmon and herring are high in Omega-3 fats as are soya and kidney beans.
These Omega-3 fats help to transport oxygen throughout the body and assist in the healthy functioning of all aspects of the body.
Be sure to check where these products are sourced from however as some of the Soya beans for instance have been genetically modified.

Almonds, pecans and walnuts all have high percentages of omega-6 and are an excellent source of essential fat as are sunflower and pumpkin seeds. These seeds are good to keep as a snack as they will help to maintain more level blood sugar levels and ward off hunger that might make you choose foods that have low nutrition value to boost energy levels.

Many people accept symptoms of ill health as something that is just a part of aging such as dry skin and eyes, poor memory, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and many more health related problems that are all associated with a lack of essential fatty acids. While we can still expect to get some of these problems with aging, getting a sufficient supply of these good fats will help to avoid or postpone them until a lot later in life.

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