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Some people get all too concerned about aging and some to the extent that it becomes and obsession.

What is the net result of this? Well you might look a little younger but you still need to enjoy life along the way.

Most of the ways that you can use to make yourself look younger such as stopping smoking, or limiting your exposure to the sun, or fitness training and maintaining good health and nutrition will not only make you look better but they will also make you feel better and get more out of life.

Your energy levels should increase and you will have more time to do more of the things that you like.

You should enjoy your life all the more while looking better as an added bonus. If you do anything other than in moderation then you will negate the positive effects that are available to you.

Even over training can make you look older and leave you susceptible to injury.

Finding a balance in all that you do will keep you young in mind and body and that is why yoga is so effective at helping you to stay young.

I recall reading a book on a husband and wife team who focused their life on longevity. This book detailed all that they did with their extreme exercise and nutritional regime.
While their steps might (or might not) add to their life expectancy they certainly didn’t look very young for their age.
In fact their ‘extreme’ lifestyle made them look considerably older than the average person of the same age so it just goes to show you that more is not always better when it comes to anti aging programs.

Enjoyment and happiness will show on your face and the more you smile the more beautiful you will become, and besides, smiling does wonders for your face muscles.

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