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Botox And Beauty

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Botox has become very popular because it is so effective in reducing and often eliminating the visible effects of aging.

By having Botox injections in the upper areas of the face frown lines between the eyebrows can disappear and fine lines (crows feet) at the sides of the eyes can also be eliminated.

Botox has also shown to have positive affects at lifting the brow when injected in the right place by an experienced skin care professional.

It can have results that are as good as cosmetic surgery although they will be temporary and depending on the patient they will last anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Botox acts by paralyzing the muscles where it is injected and this stops them from pulling the skin causing the lines that are visible.

Even though Botox treatments are only temporary they tend to last longer the more times they are applied to a specific area and some people can get very long lasting results.

What makes Botox all the more popular is it is relatively cost effective when compared to other methods and the procedure takes very little time and can be done in a lunch break with no disruption to everyday work.

By intercepting the messages that are sent to the brain Botox stops the muscles from reacting in situations where, for instances, glare is encountered and one would tend to frown. This allows the skin to remain wrinkle free and smooth.

The sooner Botox treatments are started the less chance there will be for wrinkle and frown lines appearing and many people are getting treatments at a younger age to ensure that they retain their youthful appearance for as long as possible.

Often the first treatment will not give the desired results and a ‘top up’ treatment will be required to make sure that it works as expected.

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